TessGruun normally has all seeds offered on the website stocked, so we can deliver everything as soon as possible. Sometimes, though, when the orders outpass our stock it might take a bit longer. Our goal is to deliver everything within one week of the order. Your order will be shipped as soon as your payment is settled.
You can pay through bank transfer or Paypal. More payment possibilities will be available soon.
You will get some free seeds with every order.

We will keep you informed on the status of your order through email. In your shopping basket you can choose one of the shipping options below. Your choice will automatically be included in the price.


Our shipping fees are:

Mail Worldwide  (Everything that fits through the opening of a mailbox)

Up to 50 grams       1.40€

Up to 100 grams    4.20€

Up to 350 grams    8.35€

Up to 1 kg                19.5€

Packages Worldwide  (Everything that doesn’t fit through the opening of a mailbox)

Please send an email to enquire about these services.




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